Exalted: Uncrowned Kings

Sword Cults were soooo last year...

Just a quick recap.

You took care of Nellins Riv and the sword cult.

The townsfolk of Ariburg will take care of the surviving spouses and dependants, likely exiling them.

The party decided that exiting Ariburg would be the best in the long run, not wanting to cluster where a Wyld hunt might come find them, nor but the townspeople at risk.

Not sure what to do next, Lapis suggests she might be able to outfit the party in better gear and items if she can get access to some of the mystical writings on artifact creation.

Darius sells the party a map to a location where and ancient foundry was supposed to have been buried which might have answers. In exchange, the party owes Darius a minor favor.

The party will need to head out by land through the mountains to get where they are going.


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